Saturday, August 9, 2008

Here We Are!!

Well we made it! But I am not sure where it is. I have been thinking of starting this blog for some time. The community of older gay men is large, diverse and have certainly been through significant changes in our time. If you are like me, 54 years of age and came out of the closet about 30 years ago - we have seen many changes. Stonewall had happened and the Gay liberation movement slightly opened the closet door. We reveled in that experience believing the party would never end.
Then it came crashing down all around us with the onslaught of HIV...ravaging are friends, lovers and strangers. I lost the man who meant the world to me but had 12 years of the mot wonderful times.
At the age of 36 i was a widower. Since then I have had two more relationships with joys and frustrations. Now I am single...not lonely but certainly alone.
Things have not turned out the way I planned but I am here. I f they turned out how I planned, I might have been miserable.
If family history is any indication, I have another 30 years in front of me. So I am at the crossroads. What do I want the next 30 years to be? When I am 84 what do I want to look back on? THis maybe we will discover together.